Mr. C.K. Dhanuka

Mr. Chandra Kumar Dhanuka : Chairman

Mr. C.K. Dhanuka is overall incharge of day to day managment of the affairs of the company

Mr Mrigank Dhanuka : Managing Director & CEO

Investment Division

Mrs. Aruna Dhanuka, Director is over all incharge of all investment matters of the comapny.

The Investment Committee is comprised of the following members:


Mr Mrigank Dhanuka

Mrs. A Dhanuka Chairperson
Mr. C.K. Dhanuka Member
Mr. M Dhanuka Member


Other Management Personnel

Mr. H.P. Bhuwania Advisor
Ms. Aditi Dhanuka Secretary & Compliance Officer
Mr. P. K. Lath Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Pramod K. Poddar Manager, Jaipur Tea Factory